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The World's First Spark Plug with 360° Firing Technology








Tired of High Gas Prices and Feeling the Pain at the Pump?  


Now You Can Increase Your Gas Mileage, Maximize Engine Performance and Reduce Emissions with the Same Technology Used by City and Police Fleets


Halo Performance Spark Plugs 


The Halo Spark Plug is the world's first spark plug with a revolutionary 360° Firing Technology  designed to save gas,  reduce toxic emissions and enhance engine performance.  It represents  an innovative breakthrough in automotive spark plug technology and its advanced design has been helping government and commercial fleets improve gas mileage, reduce fuel costs, lower harmful emissions and maximize engine performance.  


The same technology used by professional Fleet Managers to save on fuel costs is now available to drivers who want to improve the fuel economy of their cars, vans, trucks or SUVs. 


The Halo is made of high-quality materials by one of the largest and most respected spark plug manufacturers in the world, producing over 50 million spark plugs per year,  and is specially designed to meet the needs of drivers who demand the best from their vehicles.    


It will quickly pay for itself and, after that, you pocket the savings each time you fill up your tank.  Not only will you save money at the gas pump, you will also be doing your part to save and protect the environment by reducing emissions from your vehicle. 


Thousands of satisfied customers have discovered the Halo advantage and have recommended the Halo to their family and friends.           


Top Reasons Why Drivers and Fleets Choose Halo Performance Spark Plugs:


      Increase gas mileage by up to 10% and  

           save money on gas by improving fuel
           efficiency (users report gains of 10-20%) 

Reduce toxic emissions by up to 20% and help to clean and protect the environment 

Enhance engine performance: boost Horsepower and Torque by up to 5%, better throttle response, quicker acceleration, better cold starts,cleaner engines and longer engine life

Help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and keep our economy strong

 Extremely durable with virtually no gap erosion and   backed by a 3-year/50,000 mile warranty 



To see actual video footage of the Halo's innovative Firing Technology in action versus other plugs, click on "Details" below. 








Proven Technology

The Halo's innovative design combines the benefits of our patented 360° Firing Technology  with an Yttrium-enhanced center electrode for top fuel efficiency, maximum engine performance and a longer plug performance life. Tests performed at Michigan State University, Independent Labs, and extensive trials with several government and commercial fleets, including city, police and schools, show that the Halo can significantly increase fuel economy and reduce emissions. 

See the latest Trial & Test Results and how Government and Commercial Fleets are increasing fuel economy and reducing their fuel costs with the Halo Spark Plug. 


In the News


“The better combustion you have of your fuel, the better [the] fuel economy. What people don't realize is that your standard electrode plugs are horrible for fuel economy.  Halo Spark Plug makes a plug that…does not use a center electrode. It fires through the center. Guaranteed 10 percent [better] fuel economy.”

Joe Stronsick

Automotive Expert and Author


Halo Spark Plugs Power Andreas Distel's BMW M5 to Victory 



 This Halo-equipped BMW M5, driven by Andreas Distel, won 

the 2007 French Drift Series Championship    



Customer Success Stories

City of Little Rock, AR 

One of the first organizations to experience the benefits of the LSG Halo Spark Plug was the City of Little Rock, Arkansas.  Darryl Syler, the city’s Fleet Maintenance Manager, conducted a blind trial on 12 of the city’s Police Fleet vehicles to see how the Halo would perform.  When the results were in, the City of Little Rock concluded that the Halo spark plugs improved their fuel economy by an average of 11.5%. Following the success of the trial, the city decided to convert its entire gasoline-powered fleet to the Halo Spark Plug.  Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Syler and his team in the Fleet Maintenance Department, the City of Little Rock will save approximately $225,000 annually on their fuel costs and contribute to a cleaner environment by becoming a greener fleet.  

City of Hot Springs, AR 

Greg Speas, Fleet Services Director for the City of Hot Springs, Arkansas was looking for a way to improve the efficiency of the city’s fleet to help reduce their rising fuel costs.  He decided to test the Halo Spark Plug on five police cars and four of the city’s pickup trucks.  After six months of testing, the city experienced an average increase in gas mileage of 10.8% for the nine vehicles.  The City of Hot Springs has since converted its entire fleet to the Halo Spark Plug and is expected to save approximately $100,000 per year on their fuel bills as well as reduce harmful emissions from the city’s vehicles.  

Customer Testimonials 

Customer tested Halo Spark Plugs on his 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe and 1991 Lexus.  

"... The emissions testing on both of these automobiles has been very impressive... although these cars were relatively clean as it relates to emissions, the installation of Halo spark plugs reduced the pollution emissions beyond my imagination. We need Halo spark plugs in every car in America. This would provide for a substantial reduction in pollution from internal combustion engines and lead to cleaner air and better health for Americans. As an added bonus, our gasoline mileage has increased on the order of 15-20% since switching to Halo plugs. The cars drive better with better acceleration and improved gasoline mileage. This is really impressive."

Dr. Richard F. Jacobs, M.D.

Little Rock, AR


"I would like to tell you and your folks at LSG BRISK, how pleased we are with the results that we have had with the Halo plugs that we have been running in our Ford Crown Victoria Police Cars.  They have really produced great numbers on the fuel mileage.  I look forward to continued success with the Halo plugs and I would recommend them to anyone that inquires.  We have seen an 11.5% increase in fuel mileage, and as fuel prices go up, this is going to be a tremendous help in cutting our fuel costs." 

Darryl Syler

Fleet Maintenance Manager

City of Little Rock, AR


"I put your plugs in my 91 Honda Civic hatchback and the mileage went from about 38 - 40 mpg to 49 mpg.  That's way more than the 10% I was expecting.  Thought you'd like to know."       


Casar, NC 


"I thought that I had tried everything to save money on fuel, since I do a great deal of highway driving.  I am very observant to my gas mileage.  I drive a Hyundai Accent, 5-speed.  Since I have been using the Halo Plugs in my car I have noticed an 8% increase in my gas mileage.  In this day of ever-fluctuating fuel prices, generally around $0.90 to $1.00 a litre, this is extra money in my pocket!  Thanks."

Deb S.

Niagara Falls, ON, Canada 


“I accelerate up hills that used to slow me down (this is in Colorado at 5000+ feet elevation); I accelerate better in all conditions.  It's definitely worth the investment." 

Noel N.

Boulder, CO

'96 Saturn SL


“I want to thank you for making such a fine product. Claims of 10-20% fuel savings are true as I drive a Ford Excursion with the 6.8L V-10 engine. I had been getting 14 highway and 10 city.  I now get 16 highway and 12 city, a nice 20% boost in savings.  It may not seem like a big boost, but 88 more miles per tankful at $3.15 a gallon adds up quick. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.”

Frank Champ



"After installing the Halos from LSG BRISK on my Subaru Impreza WRX 2.5L converted and performing tests on the dyno, my horsepower increased from 384HP to 397HP.  In addition, torque went up from 356 to 368.  The response was amazing!  Nice job guys!"  

Clive Cox

Member & Founder

Team Kyoudai Racing



"Hi, installed your plugs in a 2000 Chevy Impala 3.8L with about 27000 miles on it. Next day drove it about 900 miles. First time I EVER got over 30 mpg. Considering the type of driving I was doing (Highway/City combined), I overall averaged 18-20% better than before plug replacement...thanks for a great product."


Mechanic (retired after 27 years)



“We really appreciate the Halo spark plugs.  With the results we’ve found, I only regret not listening to you sooner.  After several months of driving and a multitude of filler-ups the results are a positive 13.33% increase in mpg.  I estimate the plugs paid for themselves in two months and that we’ll save several thousand in the first year alone."

Tom Story, President

Solvent Recovery Systems, Inc.


“Hi, just want to tell you that I installed your plugs in my '92 Lincoln Town Car in May and have just returned from a 6,000 mile trip across the country, Florida to Washington state and return, and that the gas mileage improved from 21.5 to 25.3 mpg.  Car ran great and I was very pleased with the results.  Thanks a lot." 




“I admit I was skeptical, I have owned my 1998 Crown Vic for five years and I check the mpg on every fill-up, I never and I mean never got over 19 mpg until I installed these plugs. Now, after 2 fill-ups, I achieve 23 mpg on the highway and 19 in the city. These plugs are not a gimmick, there were no modifications done to the car except the installation of these plugs. I'm so convinced that I just ordered some for my Taurus. I will follow up with that car soon."

S. Devero



“I installed the Halo spark plugs into our propane-powered 1980 Dodge B200 Tradesman van a few months ago and everything has worked A-Ok since.  I've noticed a 5 to 10% increase in fuel economy, so they definitely work and our fingers are crossed that some of the emissions have been cut with the increased efficiency in fuel burning.  Looks like you've created a great product and I hope that word spreads fast enough that in a few years everyone will have upgraded to your plugs!" 

Jeff J.



"I bought some HALO plugs earlier this year for my Range Rover (Japan-spec) and Land Rover (Australia-spec)... I am very satisfied with the highway mileage results (up 10.5% for the Range Rover and up 23.8% for the Discovery II). The Range Rover is running more smoothly than ever before. I can really feel the difference. I can confidently recommend HALO plugs to my fellow members (Land Rover Owners' Club of Japan) and other LR owners for better highway mileage.  Many thanks,"

Lance Bennett



"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know the results I got using your spark plugs over the past 6 months. I have a 1997 Toyota 4-Runner that was getting 16.5 MPG combination city and highway. I have consistently been getting 20.5 miles to the gallon. I wish you had a product to help my 18-wheeler get that kind of mileage increase. Thanks so much for the cost savings!"

(That's a 24% increase in MPG) 

Alan R. 

Silver Spring, MD


Read more testimonials from satisfied customers who are saving money on gas with the Halo Spark Plug.

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